LeadManaging Product Updates - September 2023

Welcome to our LeadManaging Product Updates communication for September - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.


August Release Date: September 26, 2023


New Features 

  • The Dashboard links will be retiring after this release. You will be required to update their passwords and follow a standard log in and out process moving forward. Learn more about this update: Retiring Legacy Dashboard Link
  • We have added a new tab called Sync & Activity Log, a new section called Sync Log, and the Push to 3rd Party Sync log page - which means if you have existing 3rd party integrations, you can track all of the prospects that were pushed to a 3rd party application. 



Sort by the Date Range of the Pushed Date and look up prospects using their name or contact details as well as review Synced and Failed pushes. You can also export this data into a CSV file.



Note: This page will be available for all LeadManaging users. However, if there is no integration with a 3rd party application, the page will say, “There is no data available in the table”.


  • For Yardi-integrated users, the Dashboard Report and Dashboard Extended Report Exports now include Yardi information. The exported file will have 3 additional columns, Mapped to Yardi, Yardi Property Name, and Yardi Property ID. For non-Yardi clients, these additional columns will not appear in the exports.


  • You are now able to see the number of Waitlisted prospects and number of Cancelled appointments in each available layer of the Drill Down Report. We have also updated the export format from .xls to the latest .xlsx. 



  • The Contact Form’s bedroom/suite type dropdown now matches the bedroom dropdown of the Booking form and Waitlist/Registration form. This will ensure there is bedroom list parity across all prospect-facing forms.
    • When there are available units, the contact form will show those units in the bedroom/suite type dropdown - similar to the list shown in the Booking form.
    • When there are no available units, the contact form will show the same bedroom types listed in the Waitlist/Registration form.



  • We have updated the bedroom label from “bdrm” to “ bedroom” in the prospect facing forms (Booking form, Waitlist/Registration form, and Contact form).


  • We resolved a computation issue in the Avg Response Time for both the All Group section and All Media section, ensuring these results now align correctly.
  • In the Dashboard Extended Report, UTM parameters are now displayed correctly, addressing a previous issue.
  • For French-language email track leads, the prospect's actual name is now displayed consistently in the email history section, Guest Card, and Events within LeadManaging.
  • We've streamlined the agent dropdown in the Quick Event Update modal, ensuring that only valid leasing agents are listed.
  • The To Do’s contact search bar now allows you to search email addresses that contain special characters (such as but not limited to =, +, and _).
  • We have fixed the issue where the process button does not work when a building's name includes a special character. We have also made some code improvements to make sure that the process button remains functional for all labels that include a special character, including province, city, contact stage, media source, agent name and notes. 
  • The lead form email template is now showing the correct building name and bedroom/suite type.
  • The LeadManaging post-appointment and post-application feedback form has been fixed. Prospects will now be able to access the feedback form link via email and complete the post-appointment or post-application survey.
  • We have fixed the issue where some users do not appear in the User list in the Settings page but are visible in the user export. Moving forward, deactivated users can still be seen in the User list in the Settings page and User Export but are automatically labelled "Deactivated" and greyed out.
  • Moving forward, all building and location dropdowns will show the complete list of buildings.
  • For Yardi-integrated clients, we have fixed the mismatch on the dates when units move to On Notice status. 
  • The drill down report’s all group table computation has been fixed and is now showing the correct sum and breakdown of each column count. 



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