Leadmanaging Product Updates - December 2023

Welcome to our Product Updates communication for December - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes. 

New Features

  • Moving forward, prospects and leasing agents will receive appointment notifications regardless of the lead type selected from the LM Calendar.


  • Buildings will now receive email notifications surrounding leads that have been added through the LeadManaging API. The email includes the prospect’s contact information, leasing preferences and a link to the guest card.


Customer Benefit: The email notifications will provide real-time updates to the building email address.


  • The Guest Card’s automatic merge logic has been updated to include an additional parameter before linking an event to an existing Guest Card and when creating a new Guest Card altogether. Our improved logic now uses at least 1 form of contact and either First Name or Last Name match to associate an event for all events except for Call and SMS events where the caller/prospect does not declare their first or last name.

Customer Benefit: This ensures that there are no invalid events in a Guest Card to avoid confusion.

Note: When both contact details such as phone number and email address match but the prospect did not declare the same name, LM will not associate this as the same Guest Card/Prospect.



  •  We have enhanced our email notification templates to ensure that all emails show the image properly (avoid broken images or missing files).
  • We have updated the Password Reset email template and password reset link validity to meet security standards.


When users request for a password reset via LeadManaging’s login page, they will receive an email with a link that will take them to the update password page. This link cannot be shared and is only valid within 1 hour of receiving the email.



  • We have added security updates in the image uploader features in LM to ensure that only valid images can be inserted. 
  •  We have fixed the issue wherein the the Delayed Follow Up Email Template, also referred to as the Prospect Post-Appointment Follow Up, were sent before the actual appointment. Moving forward, these emails now consistently follow the building timezone.
  •  We have made changes to our Contact form email notifications to improve your email experience. We have added parameters in place to ensure emails will not be sent to your Spam or Junk Mail.

We have fixed the issue in the LeadManaging Calendar where their old ICS-based events still appear after removing the ICS link and events. Note that events created before the ICS URL is removed won’t be deleted.

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