LeadManaging Product Updates - August 2023

Welcome to our LeadManaging Product Updates communication for August - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.


August Release Date: August 31, 2023


New Features 

  • To Do List Filters Enhanced for Quick Searches: To Do's filters now offer multi-select search capabilities. With the new search field, you can swiftly narrow down results using keywords. Pick multiple items to expand or narrow down the table results. This time-saving feature is a game-changer if you have lengthy lists, eliminating the need to scroll before choosing preferred filters.

  • Automated Outbound Call Logging for Streamlined Communication: Outbound calls can now be automatically logged into LeadManaging. When a leasing agent hits the Call button from the Guest Card, our system creates an Outbound Call event, capturing the date and time of the action. No more manual call tracking!

  • Seamless On Notice Unit Management: Adding new units to the On Notice list is now easier than ever. You can mark a unit as On Notice right from the Add Unit modal anytime. Plus, the new On Notice column in the Bedroom Waitlist Export provides additional details for you.


  • Agent-based filters in the To Do’s table now display accurate agent information within the results.
  • Building Email Addresses will now continue to receive email notifications about email-based lead events.
  • The Email Autoresponder's Reply-To email address has been revamped to consistently use the tracking email address. This ensures all prospect replies are captured in LeadManaging.
  • We updated the LeadManaging introduction email with new messaging, branding, and helpful links to the help center.

  • Leads from RentBoard and Facebook Ads, submitting inquiries through email-tracking, are now properly tagged under their respective media sources.
  • UTM parameters like Source, Medium, Campaign, and Content are now correctly displayed in the Extended Dashboard Report.
  • The toggle switch for buildings has been fixed – it now slides automatically to Yes or No based on unit availability status.
  • Leasing agents can now conveniently select a suite type within the Add New Event/Contact aside modal.
  • When leasing agents create new appointment events in the Guest Card's book appointment modal, the media source of the latest event is pre-selected for a smoother experience.
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