LeadManaging Product Updates - October 2023

Welcome to our LeadManaging Product Updates communication for October - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.


Release Date: October 24, 2023


New Features 

  • We have added the ability to show Pending Confirmation Appointments in the LeadManaging Calendar. When an appointment requires confirmation from the leasing agent, the timeblock will appear on both the agent and building calendar view. When the Listview is selected, the timeblock will show the red label [PENDING].


Meanwhile, when the Month, Week, or Day view is selected, the timeblock will have the letter P and hashed borders as the indicator.


  • We have updated the User Export file. The export now has a column for the User Group and new Building Name column information including a label when the user is assigned to all buildings and when they are not assigned. Alongside this, as part of our efforts to update the log in experience in LeadManaging, we have also removed both the Dashboard Link and User(Agent-specific) Booking Link from this export.

  • Part of our efforts to enhance the security of LeadManaging includes updating the Password Reset URL and Password Reset Email. The improvement prevents the reuse of the password reset URL and allows users to update their password within an hour of the password reset request. The email now includes the new password reset instructions and the contact information of LeadManaging.


  • We have fixed the issue in the Drill Down Report → All Group Table → Online Appointment window. It is now showing the list of buildings and prospects with an online appointment.
  • We have made improvements to the email parser to ensure that the First Name, Last Name, and contact details are collected in the Guest Card as accurately as possible.
  • We have fixed the issue where the toggle switch for Yardi-enabled buildings does not automatically update when there are no units available and when units become available. Please note the switch issue discovered did not affect the booking form and waitlist/registration form behaviour. The forms are following unit availability.
  • The Session Time Out issue has now been fixed. Users will no longer be redirected to the Your LeadManaging session has timed out page and will also not be required to clear their cache prior to logging into LeadManaging.
  • The Online Appointment count of the Drill Down Report now matches the number of leads in the Building History table.
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