Property Vista Product Updates - October 2023

Release Date: October 24, 2023


Welcome to our Product Updates communication for October - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes. 


Property Vista CRM


  • For Yardi-enabled accounts, we have improved Yardi-related Error messages in CRM to display specific details about the issue at hand. No more cryptic number sequences! Now, you will receive actionable information about the error, allowing for a quicker understanding of what went wrong.

  • We have added an Email Filter and Column to the Lease Lister, similar to Tenants Lister. This addition allows you to easily filter and find leases based on the primary tenants' email addresses.


  • We've addressed issues related to lease increase and renewal policies. When finalizing lease adjustments in cases where the lease life cycle policy settings for increase is set to auto increase (Auto Increase = Yes) and renewal is set to manual (Auto Renew = No), or when increase is set to manual (Auto Increase = No) and renewal is set to auto renew (Auto Renew = Yes).

During the increase finalization on the Lease Renewal Batch, the system will check the increase policy for the Min Increase Period (Months) for eligibility. If an offer already exists during the increased finalization, the operation will fail, displaying an error message. This ensures accuracy and prevents conflicting adjustments. 

During the finalization of an offer with an increase on the Lease Renewal Batch, the system will check the increase policy for the Min Increase Period (Months) for eligibility. If eligible, the operation will proceed, but a warning will be issued. This informs users of potential conflicts, allowing for informed decisions.

  • Filter labels are no longer being truncated to avoid confusion.




  • Tenants of Yardi-enabled accounts can now access their complete billing history through a new link titled "View Billing History". This link is conveniently located above the "Make Payment" option under the Billing and Payments tab on the My Billing Summary dashboard in the Tenant Portal. 
  • We've enhanced the Purchase Orders lister by introducing new Columns and Filters so you can easily view and filter information more efficiently.
    • Created By: A new column and filter have been added to identify the user who created the purchase order
    • Yardi Vendor ID (For Yardi accounts Only): Exclusive to Yardi PMCs, this column and filter provide detailed vendor information. 
    • Description: An additional column displaying detailed descriptions for your purchase orders. 
    • GL Account: Shows the General Ledger Account associated with the purchase order line items
    • Quantity: Displays the quantities associated with the purchase order line items
    • Taxes and Cost: These new columns and filters are now shown by default, offering a quick view into tax and overall costs for your purchase orders.
    • Yardi PO ID (For Yardi accounts Only): This column and filter, exclusively for Yardi PMCs, are now displayed by default.


Web Experience/Mobile 

Tenant App

  • We fixed the validation for required fields following the ‘Save’ action in the “Add Insurance” workflow.
  • We updated the Auto Pay Summary page display following the payment method change.

Tenant Portal

  • Enhancement to hide the “Community Events” feature from left-navigation menu and Dashboard tiles if No Events are configured.
  • The Payment Confirmation pop-up modals to include Leaseholder Name (New UI only)


  • Users can now download the Signed Lease Agreement from new “Documents” section

  • We added a new “Notices & Renewals” section in the left-navigation menu (New UI only)


  • We added a new “Documents” section in the left-navigation menu.


Vista CRM

  • Enhancement to create Inspection Policy to generate “Pre-move-out Inspection” based on a configurable # of days following tenant notice.
  • Now, you can select "ILS Opt-out" as a column in the "Floorplans" Lister workflow in the Building/Property menu.
  • Enhancement to apply Floor plan Name to “Marketing Name” field if the field is blank.
  • Admin Users can now delete Floor Plans right from the CRM user interface.
  • You can now create an Inspection Policy to generate “Pre-move-out Inspection” based on a configurable number of days following tenant notice.

Inspector App

  • You can now type to search for Buildings in the “Create Inspection” workflow.

  • We updated the Building-level inspections drop-down menu to exclude Unit-level inspection types in the “Create Inspection” workflow.
  • We aligned the “Remember Me” toggle switch with the text used across Property Vista products
  • We added the Property Vista logo to the login page for more cohesive branding. 
  • We fixed the first first image being displayed when clicking to view multiple photos on a larger scale in the “Create Maintenance Request” workflow.
  • We added more Inspection Conditions in the mobile application to correspond with Inspection Report updates made to the Vista CRM.
  • We fixed the issue where exclamation mark icons were still displayed after completing “End of Tenancy” screens in the “Move-Out Inspection” workflow.


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