LeadManaging Product Updates - November 2023

Welcome to our LeadManaging Product Updates communication for November  - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.

Release Date: November 23, 2023


New Features

  • We're adding the ability to capture and show the timezone of events in Eastern Time. For every Event in the Building Notes, To Do's, and Guest Card, the Date/Time stamp will now include the label ET to indicate that the event happened during the said time following Eastern Time.



Customer Benefit: Users will be able to easily identify the exact time of the event regardless of the building's or prospect's location.


Note that this feature is not retroactive and will only be able to accurately capture and show Eastern Time (ET) once this is released. This is the first phase of this project and future reporting will include the timezone labels.


  • The Dashboard’s Unique Lead Types by Media now has a Donut Chart option. 



Customer Benefit: This provides variety from the previous default option of Bar Chart. The Donut Chart option can also be viewed and downloaded as a PDF file for easy sharing.


  • We have added a tooltip in the Drill Down Report - All Group Total  that explains the formula behind the calculation. The tooltip’s message will say, “The value within the columns are calculated based on each event per building. If a building is included in more than one user group, then the sum total values will only calculate the event once. Therefore the sum total value may not equal the sum of the values reflected in the columns within the table.” 



Customer Benefit: This will provide more context to the user when analysing the report.

  • We have fixed the issue where users with the Company Admin role are unable to book appointments via the Calendar.


Note: Other user roles were not affected by this issue and Company Admins still had the ability to book appointments via To Do's and Guest Card.

  • Users with Settings access can now use the Export Email Tracking Addresses feature.
  • Prospects that were deleted by request can now reapply in LeadManaging. Previously, we received a request to delete lead information as they were identified as no longer needed. Moving forward, deleted leads may submit new applications and will be considered as new leads in LeadManaging.
  •  LeadManaging has released new code improvements for the Dashboard, Appointment, and User list features. These code improvements will resolve vulnerabilities related to SQL injection.
  •  We have fixed the issue where users are not able to remove a phone number or an email address in the prospect’s guest cards. Users can now remove and keep at least 1 form of contact as needed.

The Contact Form link’s UTM feature has been improved to ensure consistency and reliability in tracking UTM parameters. The UTM parameters such as Source, Medium, Campaign, Term and Content can be seen in the Dashboard Export Report. 

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