Property Vista Product Updates - August 2023

Deployment Date: August 24, 2023


Welcome to our Product Updates communication for July - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes. 


Property Vista CRM


  • Meet the new Inspection Date column and filter in the Outstanding Inspection Items lister and export. Now, sorting records by Inspection Date is a breeze!
  • We have added the Arrears to the Summary Tab of the Rent Roll export. 
  • No more error messages when downloading inspection reports.
  • Payments submitted for a lease application now get the memo when it's reverted.
  • Keep tabs on Pre-Authorized Payment (AutoPay) details for upcoming lease tenants in the Tenant Profile > Auto Pay tab.
  • No more redundant emails. Leases already renewed monthly won't get Notice Due Notification emails.
  • Leases now auto-renew even if the term is shorter than the increase period. 




  • You can now effortlessly separate tenant credits from linked charges in the system. After unlinking, the system will populate the "Removed" date on the respective item. This ensures a clear record of when the unlinking occurred. 

  • The Cheque Stub now shows the following information: 
  • Full amount of all expenses which make up a payment in the line item details
  • Invoice Total: Total of all expenses
  • Total Credits : Total of all credits
  • Total Payment:  Total amount of the cheque
  • The “Actions” button is hidden for cancelled refunds to prevent multiple redundant cancellations.

  • The Budget Reports are now showing the correct colour coding for negative and positive  Variances and Variance %. Also, the system now stops you from deleting budgets tied to an existing budget report. 
  • The Vendor Ledger now shows all expenses related to the vendors selected on the filter.
  • Approving expense payments now shows the correct dialog box title. 



Web Experience/Mobile 

Tenant Portal

  • August's Reskin Initiative - Phase 1 updates are now live, bringing enhancements to the user interface.
  • We've hidden the Auto-Pay step in the Onboarding Wizard at the PMC level.
  • A fix has been implemented to address an error where the password error validation message was incorrectly placed.
  • We removed legacy maintenance request links and references that are no longer in use.
  • Error validation messages for required fields in the "Setup Insurance" workflow have been rectified.
  • Users encountering a crash when opening the Messages screen due to broadcast messages can now navigate smoothly.
  • The Province field drop-down for Billing Address details in the "Add a Payment Method" workflow has been fixed.

Vista CRM

  • An enhancement has been introduced to apply Half-bath values from the Floor Plan at the Unit-level.
  • A fix has been applied to the Property Vista-Yardi integration to optimize sub-category field mapping for Maintenance Request-related data.

Vista Websites 

  • We've fixed the preview image/display issue of floor plan images when viewed from mobile devices.
  • The Language Selector drop-down menu on the "View Details" page has been fixed.

ILS Syndication

  • A fix has been implemented to address Unit Availability in the ILS feed for Marketing Floor Plans with Associated Floor Plans in the system.

Inspector App

  • Entry Instruction data will now be correctly displayed in Maintenance Requests previews.
  • Entry Not Granted will no longer be consistently displayed for Maintenance Requests created from the app.
  • We made some enhancements to the Move In/Move Out Inspection Reports, including a configurable Charges function, Security Deposit screens, and Custom fields (coming soon).


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