Changing a Property Owner

From time to time it can happen that a Property Changes Ownership. For this we have created the following article to assist you. It is important to note that prior to changing an owner you need to advise your tenants who use Direct Banking of this change as they will need to change the payee. 


STEP 1: Navigate to ADMINISTRATION → FINANCIAL → ACCOUNTING → PROPERTY OWNERS → Select the owner you need to change



STEP 2: Navigate to PROPERTIES tab → Select the building that has changed ownership 


STEP 3: Select EDIT


STEP 4: Use the drop down key to select the New Owner of the building from the existing list of owners (If this is a brand new owner see to set up a new owner to appear in this Drop Down selection)→ Select New Owner →  OK


STEP 5: Change the Effective Date → Save


Once these steps are followed this task is now complete



Once you have changed Ownership there is additional steps that will need to be followed:

1. Add/Change the Landlord (If Required) -

2. Add Bank Account & GL - 

3. Link Bank Account to Building - 




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