Adding Bank Accounts

Adding bank accounts to the system will allow you to process electronic payments and/or use for cheque payments. They can also be mapped automatically within your accounting set up.

  1. Go to Administration →  Financial →  Bank Accounts →  + New Bank Account
  2. In the General Tab, update all of the required fields

Note: Account Name is the field that will be used in the main part of the software so you can identify your information. We advise the use of a name as suggested below:


You will need to set up your General Ledger account. If you have not already done so, please see for adding General Ledger accounts.



Step 1: Click on Administration

Step 2: Click on Financial-->Accounting-->GL (General Ledger)Account

Step 3: Click on Add New GL Account


Step 4: Fill in the information as per your business needs and click save. Ensure that the 'Account Type' selected is BANK.


Step 5: Click on Financial-->Accounting--> GL Account Mapping --> Bank Tab

Step 6: Click on Add New GL Account Mapping.



Step 7: Fill in the boxes with GL account that was created on previous steps and Merchant Account that needs to be mapped to it. Optionally, you can define Owner and Building using Scope level, so only corresponding financial transactions will be loaded to this



We have selected the GL Account that we created earlier and filled in the necessary Merchant Account information as well as optional building and owner information. You can then click save and you have successfully mapped your GL Account. From now on, all payment related transactions created by Billing system will be loaded to this GL account automatically.



Once you have added your bank accounts you can link them to your buildings. Please see HERE


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