Adding Landlord Information

Adding Landlord information to Property Vista is important. This information will appear in the application and lease documents and legal correspondence. 

This step-by-step guide helps you add Landlord information to the system. 


STEP 1: Navigate to PROPERTIES →  LANDLORDS → Select New Landlord


STEP 2: Fill out required information




Legal Name Fill out the Landlord Legal Name
Website Fill out your website (If applicable)
Address Fill out Landlord Address in full 
Logo If you upload a .pdf Logo here it will appear in correspondence with this Landlord, such as on applications and leases.
Signature If you upload a .pdf of a signature here it will be a default signature for the Landlord


STEP 3: Under the Buildings tab, add all buildings that this landlord owns


Select Save and this completes adding the Landlord

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