Creating a Unit

It's now time to Create our Units, so that we can rent them out and Create Leases. To create a Unit, you will have to have completed the following:

i) Created a Building 

ii) Created the Floorplans that exist within the Building

With those Steps complete we can start Creating our Units. This can be accomplished in 2 different places within Property Vista. In both spots, the required information we need will be the same Unit is the same - The Floorplan & Unit Number 


Method 1 - Within the Building itself

1) If you are in the Process of creating a new Building, you are likely already 'in' your new Building, and can select the Units tab


2) In this tab, you'll see a button to Create a New Unit  


3) To Create our Unit, all we need is the Floorplan & Unit Number 


4) Click save


Method 2 - Within the Units Lister

1) Select the Units Lister from the Properties Module, and Click New Unit


2) Since we are not 'in' our Building as we were in the example Above, we will have to select it from the List 


3) we'll now have to select our Floorplan, and input the Unit Number mceclip2.png

4) and click Save once Completed 


Our Unit is now Created. With the Unit added, we are now ready to learn about Unit Availability within Property Vista. The article for it can be found here

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