Assigning and Completing a Tenant Ticket

Tenants have the ability to submit tickets through Property Vista's Tenant Portal. Assigning and completing a tenant ticket is similar to addressing a maintenance request. To view how to address maintenance requests, view this article HERE.

When a tenant message is submitted, it appears in the response queue. If configured by your Super Administrator, you will also receive an email notification. For more information on who should be able to view and respond to maintenance requests, read this article HERE. You can view this request by going to your notifications at the top right, or by going to Organization --> Response Queue:



Click on the Tenant Ticket that you would like to address. This will display the information regarding the message that has been submitted by the tenant. From here, click on the Actions button. Here, you have the ability to Print the tenant ticket, Assign to Me, Assign Owner, or Resolve.



Once it has been assigned to an owner, you have the ability to reply to the message through Property Vista.



After the tenant ticket is addressed and completed, you can resolve the ticket in the Action button.

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