Maintenance Request Functionalities

Property Vista’s maintenance requests have been significantly improved to help you increase efficiency and deliver better service to tenants. Below is an outline of the improvements.

Configure Maintenance Request Items, Predefined Comments & Emergencies
You can configure items, predefined comments and emergency scenarios which will be available for tenants to select under the maintenance request. From a tenant's perspective, often everything is an emergency. Now you can proactively limit what is an emergency so that actual emergencies are dealt with immediately and you won’t be getting maintenance requests for items that don’t apply to certain units or buildings. 

No more subjective descriptions of issues. If a sink is leaking in building X, unit Y, you’ll know a sink is leaking in building X, unit Y. If you’ve defined that as an emergency, then you will know there is a real emergency.

See how it works: Configure Maintenance Request Items, Predefined Comments and Emergencies

Manage Maintenance Requests Directly from the Inspector App
You can view maintenance requests with details and images directly on the Inspector App. Now you can manage inspections and maintenance requests in one place.

See how it works: Manage Maintenance Requests Directly from The Inspector App 

Tenant-Caused Maintenance Request
If damage is caused by a tenant, you can assign responsibility for damages to the responsible tenant so that you can charge accordingly.

See how it works: Damage Responsibility 

Maintenance Request Times
You can indicate how long a specific maintenance request took to resolve. Now you’ll be able to track resolution times better and manage resources accordingly.

See how it works: Maintenance Request Times 

Action Required to Resolve
Once a maintenance request is opened you can assign ‘Action Required’ to indicate the need for labour and/or materials. This will automatically create a Purchase Requisition. 

See how it works: Action Required to Resolve 

Export Maintenance Request
You can export maintenance requests to an Excel file.

See how it works: Export Maintenance Requests

Download PDF Maintenance Request
You can download maintenance requests as nicely structured PDFs.

See how it works: Download PDF Maintenance Requests

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