Maintenance Requests (MR) - Assigning Maintenance Requests

This is an important step because it will allow you to customize who will:

- Be able to see MRs

- Receive notifications regarding MRs

- Be able to action MRs


Section One: Permissions

Firstly, in order to allow your employees access to manage MRs, they will need to have the following permissions included in their roles. These permissions are:

- Work Order Basic

- Maintenance Basic

- Maintenance Advanced

- Maintenance Full


In order to edit permissions connected with roles:

Administration -> Security -> User roles -> Select a User Role



Click the edit icon



Scroll down and click 'Add'. Then add the permissions mentioned above.



See HERE for link to User Role article for more details.


Section Two: Policy Setup

Administration -> Policies -> Maintenance & Inspection -> Maintenance Request Policies


From here, click into the Organization Policy and navigate to 'Policy Details' tab. You will be able to edit 'Assigned To' (Visible to) to include the User Roles that you would like to be able to view new maintenance requests. In our example below, any employee who is a Super Administrator will have MRs visible to them.



Section Three: Communications

Administration -> Settings -> Communication -> Communication Categories -> Select 'Maintenance' Category



From here there are 2 areas to edit:

- Access Roles

The user roles under this section will be able to see all communication/tickets relating to MRs.

- Response Group

The user roles under this section will receive notifications when new MRs are created.







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