LeadManaging Product Updates - July 2023

Welcome to our LeadManaging Product Updates communication for July - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.


July Release Date: July 31, 2023


New Features 

  • We have upgraded the Reports Filter of the Dashboard to a sticky (or ‘persistent’) filter. The data that has been used as a filter option will now be available for 24 hours and carried over to all available reports on the dashboard. Each filter will be unique to the user.

  • Yardi-integrated users can now check how Yardi-buildings are mapped to LeadManaging by looking at the Location Export file,which now includes Yardi Property information. We have also renamed the Location column to show LeadManaging Property Name.

  • We have added the ability to make Media Sources global (PMC-wide) or building-specific. This will allow users to map specific Media Sources at a more granular-level and limit the duplication in the Media Source dropdowns. If you would like to have this set up for your account, please reach out to PropertyVista Support.
  • In the site performance section, we have added Application leads to the total breakdown count. This counts the number of prospects that have filled out an application for your property.
    • This reflects the total breakdown of leads more accurately when comparing with the Total Leads count on the top left of the Site Performance section.
  • LeadManaging now has the ability to update floor plan IDs whenever floor plan IDs are updated in Yardi. The Waitlist/Registration form and Booking forms will follow the availability based from Yardi and sync the units automatically once the update has been detected. This ensures that changes in Yardi also reflect accurately in LeadManaging.
  • We have added the ability to customize the number of unit types that can be shown in the Booking and Waitlist/Registration forms for Yardi-enabled clients. Clients can request to have at least 1 of each unit type shown or can also opt to show more than 3 depending on their preference and unit availability. Customer Benefit: This allows clients flexibility on how they would like to present their units to prospects.

  • We have added the specific domains in the Export Email Tracking Addresses file. The export now includes a domain column that shows the exact domain of the Media Source Name.


  • We have updated the computation of Unique Leads in the Dashboard Export report to ensure that the accurate Unique Lead data is shown.
  • Users are now able to select between properties when booking appointments from the Guest Card-level.
  • For our Yardi-integrated clients, we have added the ability for the Waitlist/Registration form to show 1 unit type of each kind in the bedroom/suite dropdown. This will allow prospects to have more bedroom options to choose from while waiting for availability. Leasing Agents will now be able to accurately see which units the Waitlisted prospects prefer.

  • We have updated the Agent dropdown of the To Do’s page to make sure it is arranged in Alphabetical order.
  • The Push to 3rd party modal now automatically captures the unit selected from the Desired Suite Type dropdown of the Quick Event Update window. This eliminates the need to double-select the units from both locations.


Note: If the unit selected in the Desired Suite Type (Quick Event Update window) is not available, the system defaults to the first unit listed in the Bedroom* dropdown. 

  • The Call Detailed Report’s email now and schedule report option are now working. Both options can now be sent to the user's desired email address.
  • The Site Performance section of the Dashboard Report now shows the number of Applications based on the selected filters. The Building Notes column has been updated to say Status/Result to show the outcome of the prospect’s event.


  • We have added the keywords phone number, téléphone, téléphoner, email address, e-mail, and courriel to our email parser. This will help ensure that LeadManaging receives and parses the prospect information accurately.
  • When a Media Source is marked as Inactive in LeadManaging, the Originating Source and Event Media Source will appear as No Media Found.
    • To ensure that all of your preferred Media Sources are marked as Active, please reach out to PropertyVista Support.


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