Property Vista Product Updates - July 2023

Deployment Date: July 25, 2023


Welcome to our Product Updates communication for July - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes. 




  • We've added a new option called Enable Alert in the Tenant Portal under Maintenance Request Policy > Portal. This option allows you to control the visibility of the "Is Emergency" checkbox on the Tenant Portal Maintenance Request page. When disabled, the checkbox will be hidden. 


To hide the "Is Emergency" checkbox for both Building and Unit Maintenance Requests at the Tenant Portal, remember to disable it in the policies at both the Unit and Building levels. Note that this setting doesn't affect the option in the CRM. 

  • We’ve added new warning messages when finalizing a lease term with existing future renewal offers or scheduled increases so that you know what to expect when this happens. 
    • When finalizing a renewal offer to a lease with a scheduled increase, you will get this warning message:
    • When finalizing an increase to a lease with an existing renewal offer(s), you will get this warning message:
    • When finalizing a lease term with existing renewal offer(s), you will get this warning message:
  • We’ve added a new column and filter “Move-in Date” to the Tenant Insurance report so you can easily filter the records by the tenant’s move-in date.


  • The Ontario and British Columbia Lease Agreements are now able to pull Key deposits and Pet Deposits, based on the following: 
    • The Key Deposit or Pet Deposit must be a Security Deposit type; AND
    • The keyword “Key Deposit” or “Pet Deposit” must be present in either the Charge Code or the Description of the Deposit.
  • The system no longer shows an error when exporting historical maintenance requests records from the Maintenance Requests Lister. 



PV Accounting (FIN)


  • The Lease Adjustment Charge now includes a unique ID, so you can easily distinguish and track charge adjustments. We also improved the navigation by making the Lease Adjustment Amount a clickable link, providing easy access to the related Invoice Debit page.

We’ve also added the ID as a column and filter on the Adjustments lister, so you can do range searches based on the newly added Charge Adjustment ID, enabling quick filtering of charges.

*Note this update only applies to non-Yardi users


  • We’ve added a new field called Billing Status to the Lease Adjustment Charges that have been submitted so you can easily monitor the status of the charges. The available statuses are as follows:
  • Billed - this status displays when the user submits the charge adjustment
  • Partially Paid - this status displays when the user pays the charge in partial amount
  • Paid - this status displays when the user pays the charge in full amount
  • Cancelled - this status displays when the user cancels the charge

Additionally, you can now cancel a submitted charge, but only if it has not been posted in a closed month. When you cancel a Submitted charge, the system will automatically reverse the related journal entry, including any associated tax entry. With the cancellation of a charge, the system will generate a new entry in the Lease  Ledger and Lease Financial Summary reflecting the opposite amount of the original charge. This streamlined process keeps your financial records remain accurate.


Also, when the charge adjustment is cancelled, the system will now show two new fields on the Charge Adjustment page as follows:

  • Cancelled By - This field shows the name of the user who performed the action
  • Cancelled - This field shows the date and time the charge was cancelled.

*Note this update only applies to non-Yardi users


  • We’ve added the ability to cancel a fee directly from the Tenant Ledger or Lease Financial Summary. However, to prevent unintended cancellations, this feature is only available in an open month and if the fee is not linked or associated with any credit/payment. 


After a fee is cancelled, a new lease ledger entry will be generated on the date of cancellation. You can also view the related journal entry of the deleted transaction under Journal Entries. 

  • System no longer throws an error when paying expenses with vendor credits.

PV Web Experience (WEB) 

Tenant Portal

  • We've made it even easier to showcase properties on websites and ILS feeds. Now, when users upload images to "Associated" Floor Plans, they will automatically be added to the relevant places.
  • We've simplified the onboarding process by removing the "Skip" button. This will make getting started with MyVista smoother and more straightforward.
  • Payment method details are now even more secure. We've fixed an issue where they were unintentionally visible in the "Edit Payment" workflow.
  • Introducing a sleek new MyVista "Loading" screen. This will appear after log in and before seeing the dashboard.


  • We've addressed a bug that caused some messages to display as "Unread" even after users have read them. Now, the message status will be accurate.
  • We've fine-tuned the "Edit Payment" workflow to make it more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Our Reskin Initiative - Phase 1 is complete! Enjoy an improved look and feel of MyVista.

Vista CRM

  • Opting out of using "Associated" Floor Plans in Marketing is now easier than ever. Users can now enable auto opt-out for any floor plans that are associated with their marketing materials.
  • We've upgraded our Inspection Report Templates to include fields for Start and End of Tenancy. Now, users can conveniently track these important details for their properties.
  • For Unit/Building Inspection Reports, we've added a Date and Time of submission feature. This improvement allows users to have a clear record of when the reports were submitted.

Vista Websites 

  • Now, if there are no available units in the "Associated" floor plans, the Floor Plan widget will automatically apply the CRM value for Area in Marketing Floor Plans. This ensures that users always have the necessary information, even when specific units are not available.
  • We've simplified the Baths field in the Floor Plan widget. The Half Baths field and roll count have been consolidated into one for a clearer representation (e.g. "1.5 Baths" instead of "1 Bath | 1 Half Bath").
  • Market Rent values in the Floor Plan widget will now be rounded up to the nearest whole number. This enhancement provides more straightforward pricing information. 
  • The Virtual Tour link in the Floor Plan widget will now utilize the value stored in the Property Vista CRM. Enjoy easy access to virtual tours for properties.
  • When no area is configured for a Floor Plan, instead of displaying "No area provided," a blank row will be shown. This improvement ensures a cleaner and more organized presentation.
  • We've updated how we display information for Floor Plans with 0 beds. For example, "0 Beds | 1 Bath" will now appear as "1 Bath Bachelor," making it clearer and more concise.
  • Bath count data, such as 0.5 baths, 1.5 baths, and 2.5 baths, will now be pulled from the Yardi-PV integration and displayed on Vista Websites. This adds more detailed information about the properties.
  • If there are fewer than 9 Floor Plans available, we've removed the "Sort/Filter" functionality from the Suites page. This streamlines the user experience and reduces clutter.
  • The Floor Plan tile will now display "Starting From $___" directly, removing the need to click for pricing information. This makes it easier to see the starting price for each plan at a glance.
  • Units with "On Notice" and "Vacant" status, with availability in the next 60 days, will be prominently displayed. This helps users quickly identify available units for potential tenants.

ILS Syndication

  • We've fixed the bug where Amenities values were being set to "True" by default in the ILS Feed. 

Inspector App

  • You can now create Maintenance Requests directly from the Inspector App. This new functionality enables quick and efficient communication between the management team and maintenance personnel, making the property maintenance process more efficient.

  • Enhancements to Move In/Move Out Inspections to add Charges, Start/End of Tenancy Forms, Security Deposit workflow and end-user agreements (i.e. Agree/Disagree indicators)
  • Enhancement to allow users to Create Maintenance Requests from Inspector App.
  • Move In/Move Out Inspections have been enhanced to include several new features:
    • Users can now add Charges to the inspection records, making it easier to manage financial aspects during tenant transitions.
    • Start/End of Tenancy Forms have been added to provide comprehensive documentation for each tenancy period.
    • A streamlined Security Deposit workflow is now available to facilitate smooth handling of security deposit-related matters.
    • End-user agreements, with Agree/Disagree indicators, have been introduced to ensure clear communication and understanding between parties.
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