LeadManaging Product Updates - June 2023

Welcome to our LeadManaging Product Updates communication for June - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.


June Release Date: June 29, 2023



  • Users can now perform Quick Event updates to Chat Events. Similar to Email and Call events, Chat events will appear in the To Do's page's To Do's section when it has not been processed. Once the Chat event is processed, it will appear in the Has been processed section. These updates will also appear in the lead's Guest Card.


  • We have added the ability for users to generate an export that includes the unique email tracking addresses per media source of each property/building. Users will be able to quickly identify the tracking emails that are used by their building based on media sources.

  • We have added the ability to pull and show the unit status: On Notice for Yardi-enabled customers. The On Notice label only appears within the LeadManaging Front end application and will not be visible to prospects. This update will allow leasing agents to instantly see the status of the unit when processing leads.

Affected areas:

  • Manage Unit Availability Page
  • Push to 3rd Party Modal
  • Guest Card Leasing Preference Section
  • Book Appointments Modal
  • Quick Event Update Modal


When pushing guest cards to 3rd party integrations such as PV, the same On Notice label will appear in the modal prompt.


  • We have added the upload image and hyperlink text buttons to the Staff Email Template’s toolbars. The buttons are available to use when adding and editing templates.

  • We have updated the LeadManaging logos in the Login and Forgot My Password pages as part of our branding initiative



  • The prospect's answers to building-specific questions of the booking forms will now appear in their LeadManaging Guest Card.
  • In the To Do's - Appointments column, leasing agents will now see the name of the agent booked for the appointment.
  • We have applied fixes to match the Media Source of the call recording, reports and event history of call events.
  • Users can now select their preferred unit from the dropdown of the booking forms.



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