LeadManaging Product Updates - May 2023


Welcome to our LeadManaging Product Updates communication for May - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.



  • Part of LeadManaging's rebranding includes new icons. This release we have updated the browser favicon to show the newest logo of LeadManaging.
  • We have added the ability for leasing agents to initiate a call through LeadManaging's Guest Card. By clicking the new Call button, users will be redirected to their device's dialing screen or be asked to choose an application from their device to proceed with the call. Users will no longer have to manually copy and paste the prospect's contact number when placing a call.

  • We have added the ability for Admins and Super Managers to create, edit and delete Email Templates that can be used by their property. Leasing agents that are assigned to the properties can use the property-specific templates when replying to leads to save time as well as ensure brand uniformity. 


  • LeadManaging now accommodates upfront, customized property-specific questions to the Contact Forms. When leads answer these questions, the answers will appear on their Guest Card’s leasing preference section.
  • To accommodate large-sized exports, we have updated our export flow to a two-step process.When a user clicks export, the message “Export is processing. The download option will be available once processing is complete. Once the export has finished processing, the message “Export complete. Click HERE to download” will appear. The word HERE is a hyperlink that lets the user proceed with the download.
  • We have added two new access types for the Users tile, a read-only access and a restricted access. The read-only access allows certain users to view the list of user names, location assignment, and user groups. Meanwhile, those who have restricted access will not be able to see the Users tile at all. This will allow more flexibility in role assignments as well as security when providing LeadManaging access to subcontractors.



Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed the issue with the To Do's Media filter. It is now showing the selected Media Source(s) selected.


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