April 2023 Product Updates | Property Vista


Welcome to our Property Vista Product Updates communication for April 2023 - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.


April Release Date: April 20th


Table of Contents


  • Property Vista CRM
  • Property Vista Accounting




Property Vista CRM 


  • We have added two new columns on the Lease Applications to show the “Progress” and “Decision Reason” so you can easily view this information from the lister. These new columns can also be exported. 
  •  We have added two new columns on the Maintenance Requests lister to show the “# of Days Open” and “# of Days to Resolve” so you can easily manage outstanding maintenance requests.
  • We have added a new “Portfolio” filter option on the Availability report so you can now generate this report by portfolio. 
  • We have added a delete option on the Lease Application Documents when you upload a signed application and/or other document, so you can easily manage and correct any documents uploaded in error. 


Property Vista Accounting 


  • The CRM now accurately calculates changes in deposits when the Use Deposit Top Up option from the Lease Lifecycle policy is flagged as Yes


  • The CRM no longer throws a System Error when generating a General Ledger Extended Export for those cases where there are only deleted entries for a specific Building/GL/Date combination
  • The Payments and Credits tab on an Expense, now accurately represents the paid amount on the Total Confirmed Payments field, when the payment is Completed
  • The user is now able to close the year successfully, without the system requesting to close those months which are outside of the ownership period
  • The Balance Sheet and Aged AP report are now showing consistent values as related to Accounts Payable
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