March 2023 Product Updates | LeadManaging

Welcome to our LeadManaging Product Updates communication for March - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.

March Release Dates: 

  • Patch Release: 03/14/2023
  • Major Release: 03/28/2023



  • [Major] LeadManaging Forms now have an updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Links to the updates are available at the bottom of the booking form, registration form, and contact forms.


  • [Major] The agent’s name is now shown as an additional label to appointments with pending staff confirmation, allowing users to track which leasing agents need to accept, reschedule, or re-assign appointments. The exported file of the Drill Down Report now also includes a Pending Appointments column. 


  • [Patch] The Drill Down Report’s Email Responded Column now shows the total number of email and email track responses. Previously, the Email Responded Column only showed the total number of email track responses.
    • To further help users understand the report better, we also added a tool-tip message in the Avg. Response Time column that says, “The average response time is calculated for email track leads/events only.”




  • [Major] The Media and Building options of the Drill-Down report’s Emails and Emails Responded columns now show accurate data.
  • [Patch] Fix to the issue where the Desired Unit Dropdown breaks whenever the user switches between buildings. This is now showing the accurate units and does not break when the leasing agent switches between buildings.
  • [Patch] Added the rule where only the user roles Super Manager, On-Site Manager, Manager, Admin, and Company Admin can see and use the Group filter in the Dashboard.
  • [Patch] Fix to the issue where users assigned to specific buildings can select a Province and City outside their assigned locations.


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