March 2023 Product Updates | Property Vista

Welcome to our Property Vista Product Updates communication for March - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.

March Release Dates: 

  • Property Vista Accounting & Web Experience: 03/23/2023

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Property Vista Accounting


  • The system will now create the appropriate charges when a lease that was supposed to end mid month, is renewed prior to the lease end date. Prior to the fix, the system only charged a prorated amount for that last month.
  • The system now accurately shows and calculates Past Due Amounts on the Bills tab of a lease, if a deposit refund has been issued on that lease.

Property Vista Web Experience

Tenant App

  • Updates to application libraries conflicting with Expo SDK Updates made in December/January.
  • Fix to add character counter in Description section when user attempts to Cancel a Maintenance Request.
  • Navigation fix to return user to Auto Pay Summary after opening links.
  • Fix to process restart after changing payment method in “Add Auto Pay” workflow.
  • Fix to correct EFT validation messages in “Complete your Profile” workflow.
  • Fix to correct invalid input validation messages for EFT Update workflow.
  • Fix to not allow input of special characters in “Add Auto Pay” workflow.
  • Fix to error message when incorrect amount is entered during “Make a Payment” workflow.
  • Fix to WalkMe tutorial workflow to improve behaviour after clicking and prevent premature exit.

Vista Websites

  • Enhancement to allow Community Managers to display “Starting From” value in Market Rent.
  • Enhancement to allow Community Managers to create a configurable Hyperlink for “No vacant suites of this type.” communication.
  • Investigation of Floor plan widget issue for websites that were re-launched under new Site ID’s.
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