February 2023 Product Updates | LeadManaging

February Deployment Date: 02/28/2023

Welcome to our LeadManaging Product Updates communication for February - from new features and enhancements to bug fixes.



  • The LeadManaging To Do’s, Guest Card, and Calendar are now mobile-responsive. The interface of these sections now adjusts to the user’s device. Within these pages, we have also introduced collapsible buttons for smaller devices that they can click to expand and see other relevant lead information. Users will now be able to use any of their preferred devices without having to scroll horizontally or zoom in/out. Early access to these mobile enhancements are now available for you to pilot.


  • Added Validation check for Target Number Day and Night fields. Users can now only save their changes if these fields are filled out. The validation check ensures that the calls will be redirected to the appropriate extensions.


  • Building booking forms will now be automatically converted to a Registration/Wait List form when there are no available units. By automatically switching to the Registration/Waitlist form when there are no vacancies, prospects will have accurate expectations of the building availability.



  • We have fixed the error where only the Building-level custom questions are visible in the Booking and Registration/Waitlist forms. Custom questions for both building and global level can now be activated at the same time.
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