Setting up British Columbia (BC) Standard Lease Form

British Columbia (BC) has a special lease form that has been entered into Property Vista for your use. Please follow the following steps to successfully setup your BC lease.

Step 1: Adding the BC LEASE TEMPLATE

Administration --> Policies --> Templates --> Document Templates

If it is not already there select:

  • +New Lease Form Template Policy
  • Scope: British Columbia
  • Template: Lease Agreement
  • SAVE

To confirm the template you can click the link named DOWNLOAD DEFAULT SOURCE

To TEST that the template is correct click TEST TEMPLATE
Step 2: Adding the Lease Agreement Policy
Administration --> Policies --> Application/Leasing --> Lease Agreement Policies
  • Create a new Lease Agreement Policy --> Scope --> British Columbia
  • Press PRELOAD AS... Button and Choose British Columbia
Under Signatures Tab: Complete as following:
Tag: AgreementSignature1
Title: Full Name Signature
Signature Format: Full Name
Applicable For: Choose all as per below
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