End Of Lease/ Vacate

Once the lease expires, depending on the type of lease term the policies for vacating the unit can vary.


1) From Main dashboard, click on Administration -->Policies -->Application/Leasing -->Lease Lifecycle. You will then click on Organization and click on Vacate tab



2) You can now edit the policies accordingly.



3) If Auto Move Out is checked, then tenant will automatically be moved out after the lease ends and all other options will be greyed out and cannot be edited.



4) Once the Auto Move Out box is unchecked, you can now edit the policies such as what contact information is required in order to give a notice, the number of notice reminder days, whether tenant can receive it via their portal, whether there are any grace period allowed and when exactly the tenant will be vacating the unit.



5) Similarly the policies for all other lease types can be configured accordingly.





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