Rent Increase policies

1) From Main dashboard, click on Administration


2) Click on Policies ----->Application/Leasing ---->Lease Life Cycle



3) click on Organization



4) Click on Increase tab and then edit



5) You can now configure the policies as per your organizational guidelines. Please note that increase will only take effect on the AR codes that are added by you.




6) The "Min Increase Period" means the minimum time that you will need to wait before you can issue a rent increase notice. If the use deposit box is checked, then the % increase in rent will be used towards the deposit that the tenant has for first and last month. The "Increase Notice generation Time" is the notice period that the tenant must receive before a notice of rent increase is issued. The delivery period is the time period that the property management company has, to prepare the rent increase notice and for tenants to receive it.

Once all the policies are set, click on save.



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