Customization Framework Policy

In the Lease Agreement, there are multiple sections where you can decide if you would like to include Service, Utilities, etc. in the contract.


With Property Vista, you can customize on a Building level. We call this Customization the Framework Policy. 


Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Create your Customization Framework according to the Province

Go to Administration -> Policies -> Customization Framework -> Setups -> + Create a Setup Policy

Select in Scope tab the Province you would like to apply.

In System Tab, the customizations items will be displayed by default. No needs to edit for now.

Click Save.



Step 2: Configure your Customization Framework

Go to Administration -> Policies -> Customization Framework -> Customizations -> + New Customizations Policy

Select in Scope tab the Buildings you would like to apply



Go to Templates Variables tab -> Click on Load Default -> OK -> Select the Province concerned -> OK

Here we will decide what tick boxes should be checked in the Lease Agreement. Once done, click Save -> Save as Current.








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