Requisition Approvals

Once you have created required requisitions, you will then need to approve the requisitions.


Click HERE to learn more about the Approval Policy.




Once you have clicked into the respective requisitions and verified the inputted information, you will then need to approve the required requisitions. Select the REQUISITION -> APPROVE.




Please note: Different levels of approvals are supported based on the total Requisition value. The final requisition approval is dedicated to the approver with the highest approval limit; which may overwrite decision of approvers with lower approval limit.


• I.e., John has an approval limit of up to $2,000, he rejected a requisition with the total cost of $3,500. On the other hand, Anne has an approval limit of up to $5,000, she approved the same requisition; In this case, the requisition is considered approved. Once requisition has a final approval, the system will generate the Purchase Orders for the vendors and Work Orders for the internal team. Important to note, there are no Work Orders for Contract and Recurring Requisitions.

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