Updating Target/Routing Number for Press 1 (Leasing) and Press 2 (Resident)

The Auto-Attendant is a phone call flow system which will allow callers to select if they want to speak to a Leasing agent for Leasing questions, or if they want to speak to the building manager for resident concerns. 

Update the AutoAttendant Press 1 (Leasing) and Press 2 (Resident) target/routing numbers via: Settings -> Tracking Numbers: Start Managing -> Auto Attendants

Search the building that you want to view the target numbers for, select the building by ticking the checkbox then click on the button "Update Auto Attendant". There is also a button to Export the AutoAttendant information.

After clicking the Update AutoAttendant button you will be redirected to the page where you can update the Routing number.
You will find Dial 1 and Dial 2 phone number options, Dial 1 is the Leasing number while Dial 2 is for the Resident concerns. 

Please do not include special characters like dash (-), parenthesis (), period/dots (.), just input the phone number/digits only like for example 6471245555 

After updating the phone numbers, don’t forget to click on the Save Changes button. 

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