September 2022 Product Updates

Deployment Date: Sep 22, 2022

Welcome to our Product Updates communication for the month of September.

Your Property Vista Team strives to always improve your experience and to serve you better. We value your continued support and feedback. 



  • The Rent Roll Report now displays the Totals of key columns displayed as a Summary when the Report is generated.


  • The Rent Roll report now includes new filters to allow users to include or exclude records based on internal or marketing labels, economic status, waitlist units, and suspended units.


  • The Rent Roll report now includes totals of key columns in the exported Excel sheet. 


  • The filter options, horizontal scroll bar, and pagination on listers is now always visible to the users for easier navigation.


  • The Lease Application lister now loads the last 90 days of data to improve load time performance. 


  • The Lease lister, Expense Payments lister, and Audit Records lister now loads the last 30 days of data to improve load time performance. 




  • The Payments lister now has a Notes column to show the notes for each payment.


  • The Maintenance Request lister now has a Resolution Details column that displays the comment when the maintenance request is resolved.



  • The Rent Roll report now reflects accurate Actual Rent and Other Taxes amounts based on the Lease ledger.
  • The Rent Roll report now reflects accurate Area and Area Unit information based on the Unit or Floor Plan data. 
  • The Active Employee field on both User Profile >> Privileges and Employee >> Privileges now reflects accurate status. 



  • Tax amount now shows in a separate column on the Lease Summary and on the export of the Summary. Users can now quickly identify the Tax amount without manual calculation.


  • We added a new Property Owner filter and column on the Lease Deposits grid which allows users to identify the owners without having to open the actual lease and property.


  • Users are now able to create a policy which will calculate monthly Management Fees for any vacant units. This way the management company can capture additional revenue for the management of vacant units.


  • Users are now able to edit and add customized text in the email template that is sent along with the Owner Statement to owners. 


  • For accounts with Yardi integration, users are able to mark a Cleared Payment as Rejected, in cases where the payment was canceled in Yardi. This update allows users to accurately balance both systems.



  • System now no longer shows an error when accessing the Code Mapping option for any new Management Fee policies. 
  • Users can not take any further actions after Canceling or Completing a refund, avoiding any confusion after these final actions are taken.
  • The Excel export of a Bank Reconciliation now accurately matches the value of the reconciliation on the CRM.The Trial Balance and Balance Sheet reports now accurately match, avoiding any confusion between the reports.

Web Experience

  • Tenant Portal
    • Enhancement to “Make a Payment” workflow alerting user via pop-up confirmation screen to double-check payment information prior to submission.


    • Fix to correct TenantSure production site URL for “Compensation Disclosure Statement”.
  • Tenant App
    • Optimization of QA environments including removal of inactive profiles and fixes to developer login workflow
    • Optimization of Maintenance Request functionality to integrate with Yardi-generated maintenance items.
    • Design updates optimizing the size and spacing of the Edit Profile page.
    • Fix a bug in the user profile “Date of Birth” field where the system would modify the date selected after saving.
    • Optimization to Property Contact workflow restricting the option to initiate a phone call if the contact card has no phone number available.
    • Enhancement to Profile Picture workflow preventing video files from appearing in gallery view for user upload.
    • Fix to New Messages workflow preventing image preview when no image has been selected.

  • Inspector App
    • Optimization of QA environments including removal of inactive profiles and fixes to developer login workflow.
    • Enhancement to introduce a character counter for Comments and Description fields throughout the application.

  • Vista Websites
    • Enhancement to introduce a “Floorplan image Currently Not Available” placeholder for any site without a floorplan image.



  • Updates made to the Tracking Numbers page include turning “Call Type” and “Target Number (Day)” columns into a dropdown field and allowing users to set tracking numbers as “External Transfer” or “Auto Attendant”.


  • Updates made to eliminate discrepancy for the number of total Unique Appointments between the Dashboard and the Dashboard Extend Export Report.

  • Users now save time when booking an appointment in the chatbot as the registration field now defaults to the information provided in opening the chatbot.



  • Update is made to make sure that there is only one lead coming through the LeadManaging platform. It is now working as expected.
  • Users are now able to listen to all calls on the dashboard.


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