July 2022 Product Updates

Deployment Date: Jul 19, 2022 
What's new at Property Vista? Read below to find all the exciting new features and updates of this month



  • Users will have the ability to set a vacated Unit as Available by default by enabling this under the Lease Lifecycle policy.


  • Users will now have access to the New Tenant Claims lister under Legal & Collections, wherein the claims can be viewed/edited per requirement.
  • Users can add a new Tenant Claim by going through Tenant Claims and creating & filling in a new Tenant Claim form. 

  • Users will have the ability to Export the Claims Report Lister which will be exported on the User's system with all the selected columns. 

  • The Pay Expenses Lister will now load the last 30 days of data to ensure the data loads faster. 
  • The Rent Roll report will now only display the data of the selected Owners, Portfolios & Buildings, the report will rightly exclude the unselected data.

  • The Users will now be able to perform Building complex related functions in Yardi mode.


  • Users will no longer get the Warning message on screen or via emails while synching the Buildings when the Code Mapping Validation is disabled.
  • The ‘Application Keep Time’ can now be customised to keep a Lease Application open for a certain number of days, once the application auto-cancels, the Days Open tab will also be hidden.

  • When the Tenants make a payment, the system will only send the Payment failed notification if the payment is not processed, and the Payment will not be processed after the notification is sent.
  • The Category Subscription Filters are now functional and can be utilized without errors.

  • The PV User can now generate a Cancellation Notice or set a Move out date after the Availability report is generated.
  • The Rent Roll report now reflects both Move ins & Move outs occurring in the middle of the month for a Tenant’s lease.
  • The Rent Roll Report will now load without any errors.
  • The Deposits details will not be displayed for future dated rented unit, the charge details would be displayed only for the month that is due

PV Accounting


  • The Lease Arrears report now shows a new sortable Building Province column.

  • Users are now able to charge back one or many tenants at once for items such as utilities or taxes, as related to a specific charge code. 

  • Users are now able to run Management Fee and Owner Distribution schedules based on daily and weekly intervals.


  • Users are now able to sort the Expenses/Prepaid Expenses grids by the Vendor column.
  • System now correctly displays all relevant accounts available for selection when editing or creating a custom report layout.
  • System no longer shows the Apply button on a report. The button is not needed since the report can be saved with the Save option. Usage of the Apply button was causing data issues.
  • The Post Date on the Lease Summary UI and on the downloaded report are now matching correctly.

WEB Experience

myCommunity Portal by Property Vista

  • Minor UI Adjustments to Improve the Delete AutoPay agreement button.
  • Minor UI Adjustments to Improve the Skip/Cancel Setup Auto Pay and Insurance.

Vista Websites (CRM)  by Property Vista

  • Users can now use the new icons for the Inspection Codes (Damaged, Scratched, Broken, Missing, Dirty, and Stained).
Tenant App by Property Vista
  • Minor UI adjustments to resolve the incorrect spelling of “click”.



  • Update has been made to the Backend Settings by adding a new lead form template that is sent to the building email when the lead form is filled. Users are now able to see in the email history of the email event for the prospect page, when the lead is submitted through the lead form for a building.

  • Update has been made in the Configuration settings and added a new field "Contact Form Thank You Page Redirect URL". Ability to  now enter  a specific url that a user will be redirected after clicking the Send button.

  • All active questionnaires that are either building or global level are now showing in the Contacts page export file.


  • The conversions from emails to bookings, calls to bookings are now fixed and show in the drop down of internal appointments for any appointments that staff have booked from clicking on leads.
  • Export contacts data is now sent to email as expected. Applying filters and exporting the data now shows all the information.

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