August 2022 Product Updates

Deployment Date: Aug 25, 2022 

Welcome to our Product Updates communication for the month of August.

Your Property Vista Team strives to always improve your experience and to serve you better. We value your continued support and feedback. Looking forward to seeing many of you at your upcoming Quarterly Health Check-ins.  

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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  • Both the Management Fees & Owner Distributions Lister will now load the last 30 days of data to improve load time performance. 




  • Users are now able to generate and export building inspection reports.




  • The Rent Roll report will now reflect Market Rent and Vacancy Gain/Loss amounts correctly.
  • The Potential Tenants lister will no longer have the filter for ‘Guarantor’.
  • The Maintenance Request report can now be downloaded without any issue.
  • On Vendor Contacts, long email addresses will no longer overlap with the Phone number column. 

PV Accounting




  • Users now have the flexibility of selecting from different GL accounts when creating expenses.


  • The CRM now displays the total sum of all line items which make up a payment, on the cheque stub. The option is controlled from the Bank Cheque configuration page.


  • New Feature  - Owner Statements - Users are now able to schedule the generation of an Owner Statement report, based on a specified date range. The report can also be scheduled to be sent out automatically to selected owners. Each report is owner based, and will only contain information for one owner and their related buildings.


  • Bug Found - The CRM shows an error message when the user attempts to use the Create By filter on the Statements tab of the feature. Our team will resolve it by the next release.



  • The tenant’s billing summary on the Tenant Portal now accurately matches the lease summary in the CRM.
  • The system now correctly displays the Vendor and GL Account filters after saving the Aged AP report.




Web Experience



Tenant App

  • Users can now initiate a phone call by selecting the phone number from the in-app Contact Card. For tenant devices with two sim cards, there is a prompt to select a sim card before dialling.

Inspector App

  • Users can now select from 9 different inspection codes when providing a status for a room or facility.
  • Enhancement to optimize and standardize the Call to Action (CTA) buttons across the application.



Tenant App

  • Optimization on the Billing information screen to improve spacing and correct minor spelling errors.
  • The visibility of the Delete/Cancel Auto Pay option for the Tenant App is now tied to the Tenant Portal settings.

Inspector App

  • Fix to building selection drop-down menu in Create Inspections workflow.
  • Fix to correct user-application launch issues on iOS devices.
  • Update to optimize the date/time format in the Schedule Maintenance Request workflow.



Navigation Path: Home > Select a Location > Select from Maintenance  list > Options Menu > Schedule


  • When a tenant submits a New Inspection and clicks “Ok” on the confirmation popup, they are now taken back to the home screen.


Vista Websites 

  • Website provisioning is now allowed at the Complex ID-level.
  • Enhancement to floor plan widget to allow gallery images to trigger a lightbox carousel when selected from the “View Details” workflow.
  • Chatbot and accessibility logos are now aligned on both desktop and mobile views.





  • If a lead interacts with the chatbot, the lead will show up as a ‘Chat’ lead type instead of the ‘Email’ lead type. 

Users are now able to track and account lead types from chatbot as “Chat”.



Navigation Path: Front End>Lead Managing>To Do’s>To Do/Has been processed/Appointment


All ‘Lead Type’ graphs in the following reports are now showing ‘Chat’ leads as a new lead type:

  1. Dashboard ReportLM_430_Dashboard.png
  2. Traffic Summary ReportLM_430_Traffic_Summary_Report.png
  3. Drill Down ReportLM_430_Drill_Down_Report.png
  4. Agent Performance ReportLM_430_Agent_Performance_Report.png
  • Update is made to flag a building type to either Community, Sub Property or a Standalone. Users can now easily group all the sub-property buildings into a community or a complex building.



Users are now able to properly tag and group their buildings for better building management and in preparation for Yardi integration.




Navigation Path: LM>Settings>Availability>Add new building


Also, the “Building Type” column is added to the Manage Building Configurations table.

Navigation Path: LM>Settings>Configurations


  • Email Lead Form now captures/shows the UTM parameters.

  • Users now have the ability to view call tracking numbers based on their user group access which allows them to view and update call tracking numbers.


  • A fix is made to ensure that the Guest Card from the agent's appointment opens with the correct information.LM_568_Guest_card_link.png

Navigation Path: LM>Calendar


  • A fix is made so that users are now able to update the unit pricing successfully in the backend. The rental unit price is no longer a mandatory field for both the Backend and Frontend interface.

Navigation Path: Frontend>Settings>Availability>Manage Unit Availability



Navigation Path: Backend>Add Rental>Add Building>Edit Rental Unit

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