October 2022 Product Updates

Deployment Date: Oct 20, 2022

Welcome to our Product Updates communication for the month of October.



  • Users can now generate the Rent Roll Report for Active and Approved leases only using the new “Active Leases only” report constraint.


  • Users can now use the improved Tenant Claims Form and Lister with new additional fields: Current AR Balance, Application Type, Legal representative, and Questions/Follow Up. 


  • Users can now view the Unit Legal Address and Move-in date column in the Lease Arrears report. 


  • The Maintenance Requests lister now loads the last 30 days of data to improve load time performance. 



  • The Rent Roll Report no longer displays duplicate records. 
  • Users can now use the City and Province filters on the Landlord lister.


PV Accounting


  • Users now have the flexibility  to manually email the owner statement from the Statements page, instead of waiting for the schedule to send the email. 


  • Users now have the flexibility to filter General Journal entries by Portfolio and Complex. Two matching columns were added as well, to identify the Portfolios/Complexes.


  • Users now have the flexibility to filter Management Fee Expenses by Portfolio and Building. Two matching columns were added to identify the Portfolio/Buildings.



  • System no longer shows the Unit Measure error when syncing Purchase Orders (POs) with Yardi, allowing successful syncing of POs. 
  • System no longer shows the Purchase Order Total error when syncing Purchase orders with Yardi, allowing successful syncing of POs.
  • System no longer displays cancelled deposits on the General Ledger, for more accurate results.




Web Experience


  • Tenant Portal
    • Optimize image size in XML feed for myCommunity ILS integration

  • Tenant App
    • Enhancement to generate end-user notification following unsuccessful message attempts.
    • Enhancement to add character counter and prevent additional character from being allowed when limit is reached in Maintenance Request Description workflow.


  • Inspector App
    • Back-end development work to allow users to generate Maintenance Requests through the Inspector App in the future (Front-end development is in queue).
    • Enhancement to display Maintenance Request Number in “Work History Description” field.


  • Vista Websites
    • New Vista Website template developed for users managing Single Family Homes.
    • Enhancement to Vista Website Editor permissions to include new roles and provision additional permissions for users.




  • Tenant App
    • Fix to incorrect redirect when clicking the “Back” button in AutoPay Agreements workflow.
    • Links not visible for “Current Bill” and “Billing History” on ‘Make a Payment’ workflow (Android-only).
    • Payment notice is not displayed if the user selects “Make Another Payment” (Android-only).
    • Fix to unresponsive “Back” button in Insurance Quote workflow (Android-only).
    • Fix to background application refresh after user signs lease via myCommunity Portal.
    • Fix to background application refresh after user signs lease via myCommunity Portal (for users with Dual Lease options),
    • Fix to “Message sent” success message positioning in UI.
    • Fix to French translations in Maintenance Request workflow.
  • Inspector App
    • Fix to restrict addition/removal of Pictures in Closed or Resolved Maintenance Requests.
    • Fix to restrict input of past dates in the “Date of Inspection” field on “Create New Inspection” workflow.
    • Fix to Character Counter limit on “Area Comments” field in “Inspection Checklist” workflow.
    • Fix to restrict changes to “Tenant Caused” field for Closed and Cancelled Maintenance Requests.
    • Fix to “Cancel” button error on “Select New Location” workflow.
    • Fix to “Remember Username” toggle behaviour on Login screen
    • FIx to App Logo error on Login screen (iOS-only).
    • Fix to “Filter by Days” logic in Inspection Records workflow.
  • Vista Websites
    • Development of a custom Vista Website template for Single Family Home PMC client.
    • Fix to “Suites” link in Floor Plan widget for  a PMC client website.
    • Fix to Floor Plan Configurations in Floor Plan widget for a PMC client website.


Please note the abbreviation “LM” within the release notes is used to refer to our LeadManaging platform. 


  • LM now has the ability to map one single LM property to multiple Yardi property ID’s (for multiple Yardi properties). This allows for a one-to-many property mapping to allow for guest cards to push into multiple Yardi properties from one single LM property.


  • Users will now have the ability to push a guest card that has reached the application stage within LM, over to Yardi. 

Important to note:In order for a guest card to successfully push to Yardi, the LM contact has to have a first name, one form of contact information (phone number or email address), bedroom type selected and move-in date populated. If any of these pieces of information are missing within the contact in LM, Yardi will not accept the guest card from our system. 






  • Phone numbers within LM will now include the parentheses and hyphen formatting; (XXX) XXX-XXXX, to reflect a more standard format of phone numbers within the platform.
  • Users can now remove any or all of the pre-qualifying questions reflected within the contact, booking and registration forms as well as the guest card preferences. Users will be able to customize which questions reflect on any given form or guest card.
    • Important to note:Customers will have to submit a request either to our support or client success team to make these customizations / changes to their forms.
  • All historical leads received from our chatbot service will now reflect within LM as “Chat” and not “Email” which delivers accurate reflection of chat inquiries in our system for analysis, reporting and reference purposes. 


  • Users will now be able to update their tracking numbers from AutoAttendant to ExternalTransfer and vice-versa.
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