Rent Increase Batches

This function exists to provide the opportunity to generate increase notices on mass, as well as generate the notices for printing as well.


To begin, please follow the below steps:


Tenants & Leases -> Batches -> Rent Increase Batches -> New Rent Increase Batch




Please enter the effective date of when the increase will take effect




You will then see a generated list of leases eligible for Increase on the effective date chosen. Please select the leases that you wish to apply an increase to, and click OK.




The system will then create these batches and they will be grouped by building as per below.




From here, you will need to Service each batch that was created using the following process. 


Click into the batch you want to create, and check off the box 'Is Ready For Service', and then click Save.




Next step is to click Actions -> Approve Batch





Click Actions:

- Preview Increase Notices: You can generate a PDF of all the increase notices that you just created.


- Issue Increase Notices



After you have Issue the Increase Notices, you will then need to click: Actions -> Service Increase Notices



Here, you will need to check off 'Is Ready For Service' and also fill out both the 'Service Date' and 'Delivery Method'.



Finally to complete this process, click:  Actions -> Execute Batch





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