Adding Recurring Adjustments to Rent/ Features

To add a reoccurring adjustment to the rent, navigate to Tenants & Leases -> Leases, select the respective Lease. 



Once you have clicked into the respective Lease, select Views -> Lease Terms -> Current.




Continue by selecting Edit.


Scroll down the page to either the service/ residential rent or indeed any feature you need to make an adjustment to and select Add Adjustment.


Under Adjustments, insert and select preferred values as required.



As seen above, according to the information that has been inserted and selected, a +$50.00 adjustment will appear on the next bill on 02/01/2021. If you wish to actually place a minus adjustment, you will need -$50 to be entered in the value field.



1- If this is an active lease that has already ran at least 1 bill, you MUST put the correct effective date or the system will backdate the charge by 3 months.

2- If the effective date entered has already been billed, then the charge will not appear until the next months bill. For example, if today's date is 01/20/2021 (post the bill run), the +$50.00 adjustment will not appear on 02/01/2021 because this bill has already been created. It will appear on 03/01/2021 while including February with a value of +$100.00.



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