GL Account Mapping - Yardi Users

GL Account Mapping is an important step after adding a GL Account. This step-by-step guide will help you access GL Account Mapping,

  1. Go to Administration → Financial → Accounting → GL Account Mapping. 
  2. Click on an existing account type and mapping or create a new mapping by clicking the desired account type tab → + New GL Account Mapping.

NOTE: You will notice that only some fields are customizable. The fields that are locked are pushed over from Yardi, and cannot be reconfigured in Property Vista. 

3. Link the GL Account to the related Vendor Service by filling out the following fields (click Edit to update the fields of an existing mapping):

    • Account type
    • GL Account: NOTE - Only expense account types will appear in GL Account Mapping. For information on how to set up expense account types, visit this article HERE.
    • Scope Level and Property Owner: If you only have one Yardi integration, then these fields will be auto-populated. If there are multiple, then configure the correct integration using these fields.
    • Vendor Service: Map the Vendor Service that you would like to have associated with this GL Account. Later, when you create a purchase requisition, the GL Account field will be auto-populated with the vendor service that you choose. This configuration allows for that to occur. To learn more about Vendor Services, visit this article HERE.

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