Vendor Management: Vendor Terms & Vendor Services


Vendor Term

This article will outline how to add a custom vendor term that is not already available for your current vendors.

  1. Go to Administration → Settings → Vendor Management → Vendor Terms.
  2. Click + New Vendor Term and choose the number of days for your vendor term. This is the number of days between the bill issue date, and the bill due date.
  3. Now when you go back to Organization → Vendors → Term, you will see the new vendor term available.


Visit this article HERE to complete vendor setup.


Vendor Service

Vendor Services outline the services that vendors are able to provide. Property Vista provides default Vendor Services out of the box. It is likely the default settings are sufficient, but you are able to create your own if you would like to. 

  1. Go to Administration → Settings → Vendor Management → Vendor Services.
  2. Click + New Vendor Service, or select an existing one


The following fields are customizable:

  • Service Level: Choose whether this service would be completed at the Organization, Building, or Unit level
  • Service Type: Choose the type of service to be completed (e.g. flooring, internet, gas)
  • Expense Type: Choose whether this is a contract, recurring, or management fee expense

You can also adjust or add a new service inventory. Here you can specify the inspection area type, the service to be completed, and whether or not a picture is mandatory.

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