Configuring GL Account type

General Ledger (GL) accounts can be added and configured in Property Vista or pushed over from Yardi. 


FOR YARDI USERS ONLY: GL Accounts are pushed over from Yardi. Note that most fields will be locked as they are being pushed from Yardi, and cannot be edited in Property Vista. The important thing to do here is to configure the correct GL Accounts to have the Account Type: Expense.


This step-by-step guide will help you add and configure GL Accounts.


  1. Go to Administration → Financial → Accounting → GL Account. 
  2. Click on an existing GL Account and click Edit, or create a new one by clicking + New GL Account
  3. Fill out the following fields: Name, Account Number, Description.
  4. Go through the existing GL Accounts and determine which should be considered the Account Type: Expense. This is a mandatory step before setting up GL Account mapping.
  5. After you have added and configured the GL Accounts, it is important to set up the GL Account mapping. Click HERE for the article on GL Account mapping.

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