Cheque Configuration

This article will be describing how to set up your cheque configuration which will be used for outgoing payments, such as vendor payment or tenant refunds. 

If you have not yet added your bank account to the system, please click HERE

The information can be filled out on the Cheque Configuration tab of your bank account. You will need to have a blank cheque template to print the information on. If you need to have a logo then it should be part of your cheque template as Property vista does not print out logos as part of the process.


Date Format Select your date format to display on the Cheque (eg MM DD YYYY)
Add Bank Address / Bank Phone / Payee Address / MICR Line Select any or all of these boxes if you would like the information to appear on the Cgeque
Printed Account Number Bank Account Number

Expiry Note

If any notes are needed to indicate an expiry to the Cheque
Currency Designation CDN / USD / GBP etc
First Signee Select first signee from employee list dropdown
Second Signee Select second signee from employee list dropdown if applicable
Second Signature After Dollar amount from which the second signature is required
Next Cheque Number Internal tracking number (eg 1,2,3,4,5...)


Once you have filled in your information, you are able to Preview Check as per below.



The final 'Buildings' tab remains blank until the bank account you have created is linked to your buildings and it will auto fill with the list of buildings you link this account to. Please see HERE 


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