Terminate a Lease

From time to time you may need to Terminate a lease (this is different from Notice or Vacating a Lease and may be used for Unit Transfer or other reasons).

The following steps are required


Step 1: Actions --> Vacate --> Terminate...



Step 2: Enter the Terminate Submission Date and Expected Move-Out Date. 

Note- if the expected move out date is already in the past, the lease status will immediately change to completed. If the date is still in the future, the lease status remain as active and will change automatically when the termination date arrives.

Once the tenant has moved out and returned the keys to you;

Set Actual Move-Out Date:

Actions --> Move Out --> Set Actual Move-Out (note: this date cannot be in the future)


 If you need to add a new lease to the unit with the now terminated lease;

Building --> Unit --> Actions --> Scope --> Make Available 

In order to complete the lease and ensure the final bills and adjustments have been made correctly please go HERE.



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