Changes to an accidentally ACTIVATED Lease

Once a Lease has been Activated a lot of system automation takes over. You can always make lease adjustments easily (See article here) to adjust roommates, rents, and other real changes. 

THIS article will focus what to do when you made a real mistake with a NEW lease that you need to change. 

When you make a real mistake for a new lease that you ACCIDENTALLY activated that are bigger than misspelling of Tenant's names or missing a roommate, the best course of action is to TERMINATE the lease and re-do the lease in its entirely.


The following steps are necessary at this point:


1) Terminate the Lease

2) Confirm that the terminated lease has no outstanding balances (and adjusting them if they do)

3) Create a New Lease



Step 1: Actions --> Vacate --> Terminate...



Step 2: Enter the Terminate Submission Date and Expected Move-Out Date. NOTE: Since we are trying to remove this entry we want to use the same dates used to setup the lease in the system. 


Step 3: Set Actual Move-Out Date:

Actions --> Move Out --> Set Actual Move-Out


Step 4: Set the Actual Move-Out Date to be the SAME as the dates set for MOVE-IN when the lease was created. Again, the goal is to $0 out this lease.


Step 5: Run the Bill. This will make all the final adjustments.

Actions --> Run Bill


Confirm Outstanding Balances

Step 1: Check the Financial Summary of the Lease to confirm it has no outstanding balance. 

Views --> Lease Financial --> Summary


If the Lease has no Balance move on to final step to create a +New CURRENT Lease to replace this one. If the Lease HAS a balance follow the following Steps

Create an Adjustment for the Financial Difference

Step 1: Click on Adjustment Tab and + New Lease Adjustment


Step 2: Enter the Adjustment to match the outstanding difference. We recommend using a Charge Code such as Good Will. Use the TARGET DATE for today


Step 3: Once done Click ACTIONS --> SUBMIT


Step 4: Check the Lease Summary to confirm the Lease has Zeroed out. 

Views --> Lease Financial --> SummaryAdjustment_6.png


You can now enter a new +Current Lease

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