Inviting Prospects to complete Online Applications

Leasing is a very critical piece of the rental lifecycle. In order to streamline the application flow as best as possible it is recommended to direct most (all) applications to complete their application online. In this section we will explain how to invite a Prospect to start the application. To see the Step-by-step walkthrough for the following enter the Property Vista application, press the HELP button (bottom left corner) and then choose Lease/Applications --> Lease Application (Quick Invite)



Step 1: Click on Marketing & Rentals --> Lease Applications --> +New Lease Application



Step 2

Choose Term Type: This is initially setup by your System Administrator based on your business rules. Typical Term Types are: 

Fixed with Extension: Is a lease term that is fixed (ie. 12 months) and then automatically goes to Month to Month

Fixed: Is a fixed lease. Has a start and an end date

Month to Month: Is a lease that goes Month to Month

Periodic: A periodic lease is an agreement that runs for an indefinite length of time; there is no set finishing date.




NOTE: If the Building or Unit you are looking for is not showing up in this list the unit is NOT available for lease for those parameters.


Step 3: Choose your Service: Services is usually your BASE RENT. Confirm the START PRICE (this is your RENT FOR THIS UNIT). Confirm your DEPOSITS and DEPOSIT TYPE.



Step 4: ADD Concessions if applicable. NOTE: If nothing appears then there are no Concessions configured for the unit that was chosen.




Step 5: Add FEATURES: Features are typically added functions such as Lockers, Pets and Parking Stalls. If no Features appear then they are not available or not configured for this unit.


Step 6: Add INCLUDED Utilities. These are utilities that are included as part of the lease application and lease. This is for legal purposes. 


Step 7: Add Tenants and Guarantors. Click the + Add Button. Note: At least ONE (1) Tenant must be entered to continue


Step 8: Select NEW if you this is a brand new applicant. Select EXISTING if this person exists in the system already (ie, Transfer or new application for the same tenant).


Step 9: When Selecting NEW ensure you put in First Name, Last Name and Email. Email is necessary for an ONLINE APPLICATION to start.


Step 10: When everything is done, click SAVE. Then goto Actions--> Online Application --> Start. This will trigger an invitation email to be sent to your primary tenant. 


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