End Of Lease/Putting Tenants On Notice to Vacate

So you need to put a lease on Notice? Great! Let's get started.


STEP 1: Navigate to Tenants & Leases →  Leases and select the lease in question




STEP 2: Select Actions → Vacate → Notice




STEP 3: Input all information and select Save




Termination Input the Vacate Date of the notice
Submission Note If you would like to add a note to the notice you can input it here
Forwarding Information   
Country Input Country tenant is moving to if provided to you 
Province/State/Region Input Province/State/Region tenant is moving to if provided to you 
Postal Code Input Postal Code tenant is moving to if provided to you 
Phone Input Tenants Phone Number for future contact
Email  Input Tenants email for future contact
Tenant Select the Tenant, by selecting this box, that provided you notice 
Paper Copy Scan  If the tenant provided notice by paper this is where you can upload a copy of the notice


STEP 4: On the next screen select Actions → Submit




STEP 5: Select Actions → Approve or Decline (Depending on your decision or buisness needs)




STEP 6: Input your reason for Approval or Declining of Notice → OK





STEP 7: If the notice is approved and the vacate date has passed you can then go back to lease and select Actions → Move out → Set Actual Move Out 




STEP 8: A pop up will appear asking if you are sure you would like to continue Select Yes 




STEP 9: Input the Actual Move Out Date → OK




Your lease will now be in Completed Status



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