Rent Increase

1) Click on lease in question



2) Click on Actions ---> Increase 



3) You will see the information as per your rent increase guidelines that you set up. You can still modify the information if you want to. Click okay after confirming all the information. Note: for Rent Increase Above Guideline, please see Above Guideline increases 



4) After you click okay, press save



5) Then click on Versioning and Finalize. As long as it is draft, you are able to make changes. Once you finalize then you will not be able to make any changes



6) Click on Actions and Issue Increase Notice. What this means is that you now have entered the rent increase notice in your system and have it in for records



7) Confirm All information and click Ok. You can then view the PDF version, by clicking on the Documents tab when you open the lease/tenant in question. You can take a print out if you need to.




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