Bills in a Lease

Your bills run automatically each month, Property Vista has a policy which sets what day of the month the bill will run and your rent charges are posted to the tenants summaries. When this happens your tenants are able to view the upcoming charges for the next month. Want to see what this looks like? See below!


STEP 1: Navigate to Tenants & Leases Leases → Select into a lease → Select the Bills tab → Here you will find the list of all bills run for this lease:


There are different Bill Types that you will find in this area. 

First When an application is approved this is the bill for the first months rent plus any deposits listed on the account.
Zero Cycle This bill type is not a true bill and is only posted when a "Current Lease" is entered. This is the initialization of the billing cycle. It is how the system acknowledges that this tenant existed and paid their rent & deposit prior to the lease information being entered in Property Vista. The system uses the zero cycle bill to post the existing deposits on the account & notes them as paid.
Regular This is the Bill Type posted after either the "First Bill" or "Zero Cycle Bill" and is the type that is posted monthly until the last bill/month of tenancy.
Final This is the Final bill for the Lease.


STEP 2) Select into the bill you would like to view the details of:



STEP 3: You can expand the items listed under CURRENT BILL to view the amounts charged to the lease for the next month:



Once expanded you can view the different charges by AR Code:





STEP 1) Select into the bill & select Actions → Download, Confirm or Reject:


Download Selecting Download will download a copy of the Bill to .pdf. the downloaded bill will provide the Account Summary, Balance from previous bill & The current bill charges by AR code.
Confirm Confirm will manually confirm & post the bill. We have a policy set to automatically complete this step but if you have set your policy to manually confirm this is the confirmation required.
Reject By selecting Reject you can reverse the bill itself & un-post the charges.


If you want to view the policy which sets the day of the month your bills are run (Billing Policy) click HERE




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