Canceling Lease Charge Adjustments

The CRM now allows users to cancel Charge Adjustments. The charge can be canceled at any time, regardless if there are payments associated with it or not. In our case below, we will review the payment of the charge, its stages of progress, and eventual cancelation. Let's consider the case below of this $100 charge.



Notice there is a new Billing Status on the charge adjustment. When the charge is submitted, the status shows as Billed


Let's pay only $50 off the charge.

The billing status also shows on the main adjustment grid of the lease. Let's move on and pay the remainder of the charge. From the actions button on the lease, select Make Payment


From the Target Code dropdown, let's select the Bird code.


Select the desired date of payment.


Today's date on our case.


Received Date will be the same.

Click "Miss Mui Oyen, Tenant" as the Payer, and click OK


 For ease of training, we'll select Cash as the Payment Method.


Click the Payment Method drop-down and select Cash.


Click "Save".


Click the Actions button and then "Process" and "Acknowledge".


After making the initial payment notice the billing status is appropriately updated to Partially Paid

We follow the same steps to pay the remainder of the charge with another payment. Now that the charge is fully paid, view the Billing Status is updated to Fully Paid.


Let's Reject the payments and note how the Billing Status regresses accordingly. Open the first payment and from the Actions button click "Reject Other"


Select the correct date and OK. On the next prompt, click "Acknowledge".


Note the billing status reverts back to "Partially Paid" from Fully Paid


We follow the same steps to Reject the 2nd payment and note the Billing Status reverts back to Billed.


Canceling the charge can now be easily done from the top right corner Actions button and Cancel. Remember, the charge can be canceled at any time, regardless if there are any payments associated with it or not


Select the correct cancelation date.


We can view from the General Journal page that all of the correct entries are recorded. Starting from the recording of the charge, then the two payments, followed by the rejection of the payments and ultimately the cancelation of the charge

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