Broadcasts: Scheduling

A broadcast can be sent immediately or scheduled to run on a certain date.


Step 1: Navigate to Message Center Broadcast Templates Default Select one Broadcast (Example with the Portal Registration Campaign)


Step 2: Select Actions Schedule

Schedule on a template to see a screen which allows you to select recipient buildings or portfolios and choose the date of broadcast execution.



Step 3: Complete the necessary fields



Schedule State

You can decide to activate or not the schedule.

Active The schedule is on
Inactive The schedule is off


You can decide at what frequency should be send the broadcast


If you choose weekly, you can decide which days from the week you want to the broadcast to be scheduled.

Example: You decide that your schedule is active, you take a start date on 09/01/21, end date on 10/14/21 and you choose Thursday for weekly.

=> It means from 09/01/21, every Thursday a broadcast will be sent until 10/14/21.

Date Start Date
You can decide when you want to start the schedule.
End Date
You can decide when you want to finish the schedule.


You can can select All Buildings or you can choose which buildings/portfolios will be concerned:


Step 4:Select Save

The Schedule is now set up.



Note: Scheduled broadcasts run at 2pm EST.

If your broadcast includes an Offset filter then it's recommended to run such broadcasts daily.

To find out more about broadcasts please see Broadcast Overview.

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