Broadcasts: Basics

Each broadcast starts with a template. The template folder can be found under Message Center → Broadcast Templates 


It contains the following categories.

Category Description
Default These templates are provided by Property Vista, but can be duplicated (Duplicate to Custom) and modified as needed. This will contain all your pre-loaded default templates. You will not be able to create any new template here as this is strictly for templates that were uploaded by default system.

Templates can be copied here from Default or where you could create your custom, personalized template. Custom can be used as a Favorites section. All duplicated templates will be stored here. 

Default and Custom templates are intended for system-wide usage. To execute or schedule default and custom templates the user needs Communication: Full permission and unrestricted access to all buildings in the system.


These templates can be set up by main office and then ran by site staff for their building. This is where the super administrator for your organization will create templates specific for building so staff members will only have access to their specific building outlined in their permission settings.

Building templates can be created and edited by users with Communication: Full permission, but can also be ran by users with Communication: Advanced permission. These templates cannot be scheduled.

Personal These templates can be set up and ran by site staff without admin involvement.
Personal (Admin)

Here an admin can see all Personal templates created by users.

Personal templates can be created, edited and executed by users with Communication: Personal permission. Communication: Full permission is required to see Personal (Admin) section.


To select a Broadcast template (default) to edit to your business requirements, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Navigate to Message Center→  Broadcast templates→  Default (Select your required template to amend as required)



Step 2: Select Duplicate to Custom


Step 3: Name your custom Broadcast, Select OK


Step 4: Edit the fields as required, Select Save. 



Step 5: This Broadcast has now been moved to, Message Center→  Broadcast Templates→ Custom

Select Versioning→ Finalize



To find out more about broadcasts please see Broadcast Overview.






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