Legal Card Customizations

Within Property Vista, Eviction Notices can be filled in automatically along with the associated Certificates of Service

Once they are generated, a Legal Card is created within the lease.

  • You will have the ability to manually close this Legal Case if required (Actions -> Close Eviction Case)
  • If you have set your policy (HERE) in such a way that the Eviction Notice can cancel once your tenant pays, for example, their full balance, then the Eviction Notice will AUTOMATICALLY close. PLEASE NOTE- this will only happen with the Eviction Notice is the only status linked to the Legal Case.

You have the ability to add multiple Legal Steps or Status' to your Eviction Notice and if you do this we no longer know the state of the Legal Case as it will be dealt with outside of the system. As a result the Legal case will NEVER close itself automatically.



Your legal step choice pulls through the Legal Flow policy so if you wish to add more steps you must return to the policy to do so.

Once you have added your Legal Step and the first note, you will have the ability to add multiple Status Records, each with an attachment ability. 

PLEASE NOTE- If you wish to export the legal cards to excel, we will only pull the most recent status note


The Legal Card screen will always provide a summary of Status History;leg5.png

Custom Legal Cases NOT starting from Eviction Notice

You may have a scenario where you wish to be able to track multiple Legal Cases that do not start with an Eviction Case. We allow separate Legal Cases to be started manually using the Legal Status' you already have within the system;



You will able to track cases separately within the Legal Card;


In addition, if you choose to export to Excel, each separate Legal Card will be visible along with the most recent status record note.

Finally, you will only be able to have ONE Legal Case open at a time that starts with the system generated Eviction Notice. 



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