Notice of Eviction - How to run an Eviction Notice

After completing the initial setup (see article guide HERE) you are ready to process your first Eviction Batch! This article will run through the process.

Go to- Legal & Collections -> Eviction Notice Batches

Click on +New Eviction Notice Batch


Select the Unit/Units you wish to proceed with;


 Once you have selected the leases, the system will automatically batch them by building. You will then need to review the batch so click on the line of your new batch.


Press EDIT to setup the batch. First you need to tell the system that it is ready for Service so check this box. 

Termination Notice

  • Expected Service Date- This is the day you will deliver the notice
  • Termination Date Option- Depending on your policy set up HERE the system can calculate the correct date automatically. If you choose to leave it blank, you can fill it in by hand.

Signing Officer

This section will pull through your set up from the Lease Form Signing Policy . However, please note that you have the ability to override the signing officer if required.

Note: The Date field will not appear if Use Profile Signature/ Use Profile Contact Info checkbox is disabled.


Click SAVE and then Actions -> Preview Notices. This give you the ability to check the dates and information look correct. At this point you will still be able to EDIT this information.

BATCH ITEMS shows you who will be receiving the Eviction Notices.

Once this is complete click Actions -> Issue Notices


Issue Notices ensures the notices have been created within the system and have been applied to each leases legal card.

Once notices have been issued, two new options appear under Actions - Service Notices and Download Notices.

Download Notices allows the user to download all notices that were just generated - which can then be printed for delivery. Service Notices allows the user to generate Certificates of Service for this batch

Please click HERE to read about how to service your notices to ensure the system has the certificate generated and saved under each individual Legal Card.

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