Email Templates

The Email Templates Policy allows you to customize messages that are sent to prospects. Property Vista has default email templates, but it is encouraged that administrators go through the templates and make changes where necessary. 

This step-by-step guide will help you customize Email Templates. 

STEP 1: Go to  Administration →  Policies →  Templates → Email Templates.


STEP 2: To add a new email template policy, click + Add New Email Templates Policy. To edit an existing template, select the template you would like to edit → click Edit (skip steps 3 and 4).



STEP 3: Choose the scope of the policy from the Scope list.


Scope options include:

  • Organization
  • Province
  • Complex 
  • Building

STEP 4: Choose where that scope applies under the Applied To list (you can add more than one) → click Save



STEP 5: Select the Category & Template Type  applicable to the Template you are creating. Add/edit the text and style as you see fit. Variables can be used here, such as tenant name, to give you increased flexibility with email templates.

To insert variables, click Insert under the Content section → select the variable you would like to insert.

Category: Password Retrieval  Template Type: Password Retrieval CRM; Password Retrieval Prospect; Password Retrieval Tenant
Category: Welcome/Invitation Template Type: Prospect Welcome; Employee Welcome; Tenant Invitation; Direct Debit Account Changed; Direct Debit to sold Building; Direct Debit to Deactivation Tenant; Account Transferred
Category: Application Template Type: Application Created Applicant; Application Created Co-Tenant; Application Created Guarantor; Application Approved; Application Pre-Approved; Application signed Documents 
Category: Auto Pay Template Type: Auto Pay setup Confirmation; Auto Pay Changes; Auto Pay Cancellation
Category: Payment Template Type: One Time Payment Submitted; Payment Receipt; Payment Returned; Direct Debit to Inactive Account
Category: Communication Alert Template Type: Ticket Assigned Alert; Message Received Alert; Message Received Guest Alert
Category: Lease Renewal/Notice Template Type: Offers Published for Tenant; Offer Accepted by Tenant; Tenant Notice to Vacate; PMC Accepted Tenant Notice; PMC Declined Tenant Notice; Contract Renewal Notification; Notice/Renewal Reminder; Offers Notification to Subscribed PMC; Tenant Notice Due Notification



STEP 6: Click Save.

Once you have completed these steps this task is complete.

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